Ukrainian ex-president attempts to leave for Poland

Former president of Ukraine was spotted on the border with Poland, allegedly attempting to leave while facing treason charges
Ukrainian ex-president attempts to leave for Poland

Former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko tried to cross the border into Poland on Friday, Ukrainian media reported citing the state customs service sources. Volodymyr Zelensky’s predecessor is currently facing treason charges in Kiev.

Poroshenko showed up at the Rava-Ruska crossing, west of Lvov, in his Range Rover SUV on Friday evening, Ukrainian National News (UNN) and Ukrainskaya Pravda said, citing sources at the State Customs Service of Ukraine. The border guards stationed there reportedly did not want to take responsibility for deciding whether to let him leave the country. However, there was no official confirmation from the border service.

Photos posted on Telegram showed someone looking like Poroshenko talking with several customs agents.

“This is a political order that looks disgusting,” Ukrainian politician Irina Gerashchenko wrote on Telegram, noting that Poroshenko was prevented from leaving the country even though he had a valid travel letter from the parliament to attend the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Lithuania.

Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s dramatic return to fight 'treason' charges

Poroshenko is technically still a member of the Ukrainian parliament. In December 2021, the current government charged him with treason in the alleged scheme to buy coal from the Donbass separatists in 2014-15. He traveled to Turkey as the charges were announced, but made a show of returning to Kiev in January. A court then refused the government’s request to put him in jail, or even under house arrest.

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