SZA’s Solange-directed video wasn’t done to prove you


It was a outrageous hit, earning SZA her second gold certification, and we know since so many people were invested in it. Some of us have been in that conditions before; held adult with someone we know we shouldn’t love, yet a enticement to keep saying them and not plea a issue, to be forward and selfish, to know you’re going to get harm yet to still wish to nap with them, keeps a thing going.

But even yet we dislike the video and would even go as distant as to contend it doesn’t element that song, what a video does do is mishandle a RB trope, that customarily sees women who sing about identical topics sexualised in a some-more sincere manner. It confuses me since people would wish a lapse to noughties-style videos, where women were so mostly small some-more than eye candy – personification into rough forms of sexuality, a lady writhing around on a bed in underwear, dancing around a muscled singer/rapper. Those narratives were customarily delicate sweet, cheesy, money-driven odes to resources and sex with small nuance.

I take a indicate that it could have been some-more engaging to have seen a account played out. But how many times have we seen relations and intrigue in RB in tedious donkey videos that do small to enhance on a narratives of a songs either? Think “Confessions”, Rihanna’s “Unfaithful” and “I Should Have Cheated by Keyshia Cole. I don’t need to see a play-by-play with a happy fortitude like a Tyler Perry movie. There’s a reason since we’ve changed on from that era of song videos: they arguably have small artistic value and longevity. 

It is engaging what type of song videos we decide are estimable of artistic value and merit. Solange’s possess 2016 album, A Seat At The Table, was widely regarded as being a vicious and renouned success – song videos included, labelled “visually stunning” by Rolling Stone magazine. Are we affording SZA less praise for a video in a same capillary since she sings some-more sincerely about reduction ‘austere’ topics: i.e sex and adore instead of cranes in a sky and black hair?

Instead of hating on it, if we unpick “The Weekend” song video, we could demeanour during it as SZA as display her autonomy – a prophesy of strength (and flexibility) who doesn’t let a camera get too tighten since this isn’t about regulating her sex interest to sell a song; it’s during slightest partially about her possess passionate autonomy and vulnerability. As she sings in a track: “I don’t caring prolonged as you’re here by 10:30 / No after than, dump them drawers / Give me what we want”.

Either way, we consider it’s really puzzled that SZA was nude of her group while creation it. We know Solange’s still-shot, faded-colour, Julie Dash-tinged aesthetic, and SZA will have famous it too – before she requisitioned her for this job. We can hypothesize all we wish about what happened behind a scenes yet SZA hasn’t expelled a matter on a video (though she did post on Instagram today “i skip when ppl were nicer”) and in past interviews has spoken about how critical her artistic routine is to her: her manuscript is literally called Ctrl – brief for ‘control’ and it took her two years to release it since she wanted it to be perfect. we consider it’s puzzled she will have put this video out lightly, either.

The categorical indicate here of march is that SZA doesn’t owe us anything as an artist. Some people didn’t like video, others did. But in my opinion she should only keep doing what she’s doing, and compensate no mind to a people who contend otherwise.