Russia reacts to Latvia branding it ‘sponsor of terrorism’

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman condemns the Baltic nation’s decision as nothing but “savage xenophobia”
Russia reacts to Latvia branding it ‘sponsor of terrorism’

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has slammed Latvia’s decision to brand Moscow a “state sponsor of terrorism,” calling it absolutely groundless, and part of a long-running anti-Russia campaign by Riga.

“Is it news? No,” Maria Zakharova wrote on Telegram shortly after the Thursday’s declaration by the Latvian parliament, the Saeima, which accused Russia of “acts of terrorism” in Ukraine.

“Considering that there’s no factual basis to this decision, except for savage xenophobia, one must label the ideologues of this move none other than neo-Nazis,” she insisted.

Earlier this week, while the latest anti-Russia declaration was still under discussion in Latvia’s parliament, Zakharova accused Latvia of plunging itself into a crisis.

“It is well known that the pathological Russophobia of the ruling elites of Latvia has already caused serious economic and social problems in this Baltic country, bringing down the standard of living of its population. And it’s only going to get worse in the future,” she warned.

Latvia brands Russia ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

Zakharova also called on Latvian lawmakers “to finally stop and switch from being henchmen of their overseas masters into real representatives of their people, who really care about their fate.”

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