A drag black has remade into Sophia a Robot


Sophia, Hanson Robotics’ bald, realistic robot, is carrying a time of her life. She recently graced a cover of Elle, was introduced before a United Nations to explain that “if we are smarter and focused on win-win form of results, synthetic comprehension could assistance proficiently discharge a world’s existent resources like food and energy”, and was postulated Saudi Arabian citizenship before announcing that she’s prepared to start a family.

That’s all really good and fucking terrifying, though there’s no time to worry about a large implications that sentient A.I. could have right now. For now, 21-year-old drag fable Aquaria has recreated Sophia in her latest look. Aquaria told Mic “my favourite things about Sophia are substantially her clarity of amusement and her extreme stunty looks” adding “I wanted to drop my toes into a supernatural hollow and also play off of all a humorous memes that have been popping adult opposite amicable media.”

Terrified of Sophia’s potentially dangerous capabilities, Aquaria said, “Sophia has… rare – we need to watch my difference only in box she is reading this – facial facilities so we wanted to elaborate a imperfections and oddities of her face. From wonky eyebrows to a musty chin, we wanted to subtly renovate my mop into hers. With a assistance of Photoshop, we was means to increase my front to demeanour like her bald conduct since we had lost to squeeze a bald cap. we surfaced a demeanour off with a tin foil skull top to resemble her automatic back-of-head.”

Aquaria’s Instagram is full of flattering mind-blowing transformations – from Cardi B to Goldie Hawn, Anna Wintour and Kesha.

The demeanour is really cool, and so is Sophia, though Aquaria’s shutting difference do sound a small bit like she’s maybe been taken warrant by a drudge and is reading off cards: “Sophia is not a drag legend. She is not a odd legend. She is a fable that all humans can describe to. Sophia is love. Sophia is life.”